Guided Meditations are an invitation for presence, peace, and awareness. The meditations I offer are approximately 10 minutes so that you could practice them during your day whenever you need inspiration. You can also download the meditations and practice wherever you are.

 Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation is the mother of all meditations. Breath is always there, waiting for your attention to use it as an anchor to the moment. Practice it regularly for a few weeks and you will find that it becomes much easier for you to keep your attention on a single focal point. You will then be able to choose where your awareness lies, letting go of the fluctuating monkey-mind. It will teach you the skill of presence.

Listen to the Breathing Meditation:

Download the Breathing Meditation:

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Body-Scan Meditation

The activity in your mind sends ripples into your body. Every thought is manifested as sensations in the body. Knowing your inner experience in the body means knowing your mind. As you engage with sensations in your body you will do so without reaction, as a peaceful observer, allowing the sensations (and the mind’s activity) to soften and fade away.

Listen to the Body-Scan Meditation:

Download the Body-Scan Meditation:

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1-Minute Meditation

We frequently say we have no time for meditation. And yet meditation is all about taking a short break from the activity of the mind, breathing with awareness, while relaxing – even 60 seconds of such a “pause” would offer you great benefits and deeper peace. Whenever you feel that too much is going on in your mind – practice this 1-minute meditation. It will transform your relationship with your daily routine, allowing you to step back and relax at any point you need it.

Listen to the 1-Minute Meditation:

Download the 1-Minute Meditation:

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