Awareness is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality

This is the book that is most meaningful to me – it encapsulates my work along the years, bringing together psychology and spirituality. I love this book as it is a combination of theoretical ideas with very practical exercises. Therefore, it invites you not only to contemplate change, but also to experience it. I have heard from many of my students and clients that this book has transformed them in some way – and I am happy to offer such a gift.


Review by Ryan M. Niemiec: “Itai Ivtzan elucidates not only the meeting point between psychology and spirituality but the synergy and power of the two. Allow this accomplished scholar and meditator to offer you this clear road-map as you take this journey to your indwelling. This important book, peppered with research studies, validated psychological tests, and practical exercises, offers clear and insightful methods for you to re-discover your mindfulness and hence… your freedom”

Second Wave Positive Psychology: Embracing the Dark Side of Life

What is the first image that comes to our mind when positive psychology is mentioned? For most of us, it is the smiley emoticon. This symbol of happiness, optimism and joy reflects the way PP is commonly conceived and portrayed. However, in reality, positive psychology is also interested in our sad, painful, or traumatic experiences – because they could lead us to positive change and growth. This academic book is offering us the positive psychology perspective on topics such as death, spirituality, negative emotions, and meaning in life. Embracing our “dark side” is one of the most important steps towards healing and positive change.


Review by Paul T. Wong: “The long awaited book on Second Wave Positive psychology is finally here – a clear evidence that positive psychology has entered a new stage of development. At long last, positive psychology has openly embraced the dark side of life not only as an inevitable aspect of the human condition, but also an essential part in optimal functioning and transformation. The authors have skilfully provided a new narrative, buttressed by empirical evidence that engagement with the challenge and distress in life can contribute to our healing, growth and flourishing. I highly recommend this book to both the positive psychology community and all my friends in the humanistic-existential community.”

Mindfulness in Positive Psychology: The Science of Meditation and Wellbeing

Positive Mindfulness is a concept I created and now promoting it as much as possible. I believe it is an important aspect of our understanding of mindfulness. It is a combination of positive psychology and mindfulness, which allows us to evaluate ways in which mindfulness could increase our levels of happiness, meaning, resilience, and other wellbeing variables. In this academic book I invited many prominent Mindfulness scholars to write about their experience and understanding of positive mindfulness. The result is an exciting collage which highlights the power of mindfulness when it is aimed at increasing the positive in our lives.


Review by Ruth Baer: “The integration of mindfulness and positive psychology could greatly enhance our understanding of these two related fields. This book provides a comprehensive discussion of mindfulness, well-being, happiness, flow, meaning, and purpose in a wide range of populations and settings. It sheds helpful new light on how the understanding of mindfulness can enhance the study of wellbeing, and how positive psychology can enhance the study of mindfulness.”

Applied Positive Psychology: Integrated Positive Practice

In this academic textbook of positive psychology we wanted to emphasise the practical aspects of positive psychology. Consisting of the latest cutting-edge theory and research in the subject and structured around a pioneering multidimensional model of wellbeing, this book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to apply positive psychology in many areas of life. These include interventions aimed at developing mental and physical functioning, to recommendations for enhancing relationships and reshaping organisational structures. The book shows how these practices can be successfully deployed in diverse real-world settings, from the classroom to the workplace.


Review by Mark Williamson: “If you want to understand what positive psychology really is, learn how it works in practice and discover its huge potential to transform our lives and our world then look no further than this superb book. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.”